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Within our industry of “breeding” pure American Bully show dogs, the aim is always to provide the optimal canine partner/ companion for families wanting to acquire that addition to their homes. There is however the term attached that these dogs are from certain pure blood descend and in striving for the “perfect” specimen it is normal for “breeders” to negotiate exchange programs in where females and males from various kennels pair individuals to try combine certain bloodlines/ features/ temperaments etc…

At Pure Bullies, we have undertaken to uphold the ethics of breeding by a similar nature to that of an “organic” producer – “eco friendly” activist, philanthropist any movement attempting to initiate positive change..

This means that any and all partnered kennels or individuals that we approach to breed with will uphold the same standard. In securing this promise, these entities have taken on our “seal” in order for the public to identify these individuals and aid in the process of “responsible shopping” when acquiring your fur baby..


  • NO female dog will ever be bred more than once annually  or ever in succession. Never will she rear more than 5 litters in her lifetime
  • NO males, owned by ourselves will be bred without the actual registration paperwork in our name and in our possession.
  • ALL puppies are hand reared – inside the homes of the kennel owners or chosen volunteered (and inspected) rearing homes, absolutely no “kennel” rearing
  • If ANY dog is discarded by owner for any reason, our association will take them back and initiate rehoming process.
  • NO dog will be sold unchipped or without the specified paperwork (registration certificates) and will have its vaccinations up to date before new owner collects   (full identification of the dog including the registered name and number(s) of the sire and dam, the litter registration number(s) or the individual registered name and number(s) of the dog if available, a written pedigree documenting at least three (3) generations, a complete written medical history including a health certificate signed by a veterinarian, information on any vaccinations and dewormings still due and their approximate due dates.)
  • NO dog will leave our premises before a full screening on applicant and applicants home has been conducted. These same premises must be made available for random inspections throughout the year.
  • If any of our dogs are found in ANY dog fighting or harmful animal programs, please note our full cooperation and disclosure of all information as well as our physical input will be extended to law enforcement officials
  • Highest quality veterinary care for our dogs throughout their lifetimes, including euthanasia if/when it becomes necessary, recognizing that this is one of the responsibilities of dog ownership.
  • If a pup is bought from us, breeding rights have to be obtained as our dogs are only released to pet homes. Very strict regimen is followed to any individual applying for breeding rights. Law binding contracts are set in place with full Criminal and background checks as well as dog DNA testing. To enquire about this specific process, please do email us for detailed process.
  • All our siring dogs are DNA profiled
  • NO puppy will leave our premises before the age of 8 weeks old
  • We breed with individuals believed to be temperamentally and structurally sound, and not affected with any serious disease or serious inheritable defect, are in good physical condition, and that are at least one and a half (1 1/2) years of age and not over ten (10)

ANY breeding facility or individual sporting with the above seal (provided symbol) represents the above code of ethics and undergo regular inspections in order to maintain representation by the initiative.

WE ARE CHANGING THE MIND SET OF NOT ONLY THE GENERAL PUBLIC BUT THE STEREOTYPICAL BREEDER ASWELL. Continues campaigns to educate, inform and CONFORM these individuals is a striving ethos. SUPPORT and assistance to any animal shelter/ organization is also a great passion of ours and continues work will be done to better the face of global animal rights and welfare.