We are VERY proud to state that we are a family owned and operated breeding facility and  universal canine campaigners. We breed American Bullies that are not only aesthetically pleasing but we WON’T ever compromise on health, longevity or athleticism – for us the animal’s long term well being is of utmost importance and we pride ourselves on our champion blood lines both on the visual/ health and lifestyle forefront!

Our original bloodlines are all imported and meticulously sourced from international prestige institutions.  Each puppy is sold with a legally binding “puppy contract”, which is in attempt to control the environment and family that takes our babies home. Our facility takes back and welcomes any bully bought from us that can no longer be cared for. Bullies NOT sold by ourselves will also never be showed away, especially if they are in need of a protective legion. This is but a small step to ensure no bully ever sees the inside of  shelter or dog fighting syndicate !

Currently we boast with two champion studs whom have won their categories as selected by local and international judges! (read more about them under the tab; “Studs & Services”).

As for our human “champs”, just as much pride is taken in the founding members personal accolades. Given that they brag with a Masters degree in Finance and a Degree in Accounting science, rest assured that not only is this “family” run like a smooth oiled machine but that tedious thought has gone into every detail pertaining to this business’s everyday operating procedures. 

Please keep reading and decide for yourself why we not only strive but truly do stand above the rest!




  • We have invested extreme amount of time and resources on the research of the “American Bully breed” and have therefore formulated our own breeding preference, structured mainly around the Standard size bully. Reason for this is because they have the least health concerns and are the most functional.
  • We serve a very “green” attitude whilst raising our dogs, we are big natural/ organic advocates and try our utmost to support this striving community however and where ever possible. Check out our sister company and its offerings: www.primalraw.co.za
  • We have global vision !! We ship WORLD WIDE and you receive your certificates/ official paperwork once your pup is 8 weeks old!